Classic Center

Welcome to the Classic Center in Australia

Dear Mercedes-Benz Enthusiast

I am a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast from Brisbane in Australia and member of 4 Mercedes-Benz Clubs around the world. My intention is to display my personal collection on this website.

I am very proud to be a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast, since Mercedes-Benz invented many innovations in the motoring industry since 1886.

I owned several Mercedes-Benz cars and was collecting Mercedes-Benz model cars since 2001.

My model car collection became more professional after I became a member of the Mercedes-Benz Modellauto-Club (MBMC) in 2003.

My passion for Mercedes-Benz Miniatures led me to create my own website to share the joy of my collection and experiences with like-minded collectors in Australia and around the world.

In addition to scale models, I collect all kinds of Mercedes-Benz memorabilia. My main ambition is to set up a Mercedes-Benz scale model museum in the future. "Classic Center" is its foundation.